Astwood Bank Carnival Open Meeting

Thursday 22nd November, starting 20:00 Ridgeway Academy School

Whether you threw a few pennies in to the Carnival float buckets as they past, came along to the Little India / Carnival Bollywood Night, danced the night away at the Barn Dance, or joined in the fun at the Easter Egg Hunt, you all helped raise funds for our community.

At the Astwood Bank Carnival Open meeting on Thursday 22nd November, starting at 20:00 in Ridgeway Academy, we will not only be reviewing the year, but importantly handing out funds to local groups and organisations. It’s a great night hearing how the funds you have helped raise will be put to excellent use by these groups, and what a difference you helped make for so many people. Do come along it’s not only a free event, it’s extremely heart-warming to hear about how our community supports each other.