Astwood Bank In Bloom

Troughs Adding Colour

15 local troughs, made by a charity and paid for with support from Redditch Borough Council are adding colour through the village. Read more here!

Open Gardens 2016 Review

With the support of the community we again had a very successful Open Gardens during the 11th and 12th June, allowing visitors to see the varied gardens of Astwood Bank whilst raising a good amount of money for our charities and causes.  Find out more here!

Rockery Restoration

Over the winter months a small band of volunteers from Astwood Bank in Bloom have taken on the challenge of restoring a former council maintained rockery on Evesham Road in Astwood Bank.


The forty metre long rockery has been a triumph of the local community working with local businesses and the council to get it restored to everyone’s delight. Read more here.

Spring update

Plans for this summer are storming ahead thanks to grants being made available from both County Councillors Stuart Cross and Philip Gretton, and Redditch Borough Council.

Without their help we simply couldn’t give such a brilliant display over the coming months. We’ve also had extremely generous funding from the Astwood Bank Carnival committee.
In addition to replanting the large planters around the village and the beds that were created last year, the group are planning for 2016:

  • Weeding and clearing the 40 metre rockery along Evesham Road (opposite Beverley Close) and then replanting it
  • Creating two new large flower beds in the grass verge between Evesham Road and the service road
  • Purchasing, installing and planting up to 14 flower troughs to go under street signs positioned around the village (we’ll need neighbours to look after them so let us know if you are willing to do that)
  • Get 4 large self-watering flower troughs to hang from the fencing at the entrance to Astwood Bank Park giving a real impact at the ‘centre of the village’

What is Astwood Bank in Bloom?

Astwood Bank Carnival were looking to develop a programme that impacted the whole of our community, and so the idea of Astwood Bank in Bloom was formed. Starting with a small group of keen gardeners, and supported by the team at Botany Bay Nurseries, the project has grown to include the involvement of well over twenty local businesses, the Royal British Legion, Ridgeway Academy school, and many local residents who do their bit by watering and generally maintaining the displays.

Every summer we have a different colour scheme so that all residents can get involved some way in planting up their baskets , troughs, beds in that year’s colours.

We’ve been financially supported by Astwood Bank Carnival Committee, Redditch Borough Council and our two local Worcestershire County Councillors Philip Gretton and Stuart Cross. This has meant we already have 7 large planters, 15 flower troughs, one very large rockery, and several beds to maintain, and there is more planned.

How can You get involved?

Simple really, we have a colour scheme of red, white and blue this year to mark the Queen’s 90th Birthday celebration.

So whether you are thinking hanging baskets, pots, troughs or flower beds, why not join in by following the colour scheme.

Botany Bay are a crucial part of the Astwood Bank in Bloom team so why not pop along there and ask them what they would suggest for your gardening needs. Look out for the leaflet coming through your door, if it hasn’t already hit your doormat.
Finally, if you want to find out how you can get involved with Astwood Bank in Bloom, please email me, Colin Bates, at