Astwood Bank will Bloom in June

Over the coming weeks and months as the hours of day light increase, and hopefully the temperatures, we will all see the results of the hard work put in by the Bloom team and a group of local residents and councillors in early November when they planted some 5,500 bulbs. In addition to the 2,000 planted the year before we are hopeful that Astwood Bank will welcome Spring with a riot of colour.

 Although the winter months are a more relaxed time for the Bloom team we have been busy planning the summer scheme and have been working closely with our partners at Botany Bay to grow the best plants to have maximum impact. As ever we’ll be asking everyone to support Bloom by thinking about how you can reflect the Bloom scheme in your own displays.

Although The Carnival Committee provide a high level of funding for the Bloom displays we are always looking for additional funds to help us maintain and grow what is on show to everyone. To that end we have nominated June as the month of Astwood Bank in Bloom and we’ll be organising some fund raising activities, details of which will be found under “Upcoming Events”

If you want to get involved with Bloom in any way, just drop a line to