Back the Bank – Roles without Royalty


Area to support Field
Key activities you could help with Promoting stall bookings
Assisting with organising arena acts before the event
Assisting with the running of the arena on the day
Assisting with directing stall holders on the morning of the carnival
Litter picking on carnival day
Helping set up the field the day before carnival (putting out tables and chairs, helping erect gazebos, putting out signs etc)Helping clear up the day after carnival (taking down gazebos, putting chairs and tables away, taking down signs)
Approximate amount of your time throughout a typical year Activities before carnival, it could be a few hours here and there. Helping on carnival day, or for the set up and clearing up, you could offer to do a couple of hours. Running the arena would be the whole of carnival day (but with a prime seat to watch all the action!)
Skills / interests that match this role would include: No special skills required for most jobs. For running the arena, being assertive (to make sure people are where they should be) would be helpful.
Contact for further information: Charlotte Shepard