Sunflower Competition Winners

Astwood Bank in Bloom Sunflower Winners

With some 100 residents receiving free packets of sunflower seeds through Botany Bay and the Astwood Bank in Bloom team there have been hundreds of cheery yellow sunflowers brightening up the village throughout the summer. The first weekend of September saw the Astwood Bank in Bloom judges going out to measure a multitude of sunflowers that residents had entered into the informal competition.

Prizes of gift vouchers were kindly donated by Botany Bay for the tallest sunflower and the flower with the largest seed head.

This year’s winners were Tessa Hawkes, who managed to grow a sunflower to the magnificent height of 3.56 meters, and Jenny Lightfoot who nurtured her plants to produce a seed head of 28cm in diameter.

A truly great effort by not only them but all of the entrants.

Pictured below are Jamie Ratcliffe of Botany Bay handing out prizes to our two winners.


Plans are already in place for another sunflower competition for next year. So if you still have seed left over from this year don’t throw it away, but we will have some new stock next year as well. If you want to register for next year’s competition just email


Astwood Bank Will Bloom in Spring!

5,500 Bulbs Planted!

Wow! With your support we managed to plant 5,500 bulbs in just under 1 ½ hours! That is a truly outstanding effort from everyone and we can now all look forward to a wonderful display in the Spring.

Thank You

A very  special thank you to the Rotary Club for not only giving us 3,000 crocus bulbs but also providing three volunteers: Peter, Robert and John to help with the digging and planting.

Also a big thank you for the County Councillors Jane Potter, Brandon Clayton and Roger Bennett for spending some of their Sunday afternoon helping out Astwood Bank.

Finally, Thank You to all those who made this event happen!