Sunflower Competition Winners

Astwood Bank in Bloom Sunflower Winners

With some 100 residents receiving free packets of sunflower seeds through Botany Bay and the Astwood Bank in Bloom team there have been hundreds of cheery yellow sunflowers brightening up the village throughout the summer. The first weekend of September saw the Astwood Bank in Bloom judges going out to measure a multitude of sunflowers that residents had entered into the informal competition.

Prizes of gift vouchers were kindly donated by Botany Bay for the tallest sunflower and the flower with the largest seed head.

This year’s winners were Tessa Hawkes, who managed to grow a sunflower to the magnificent height of 3.56 meters, and Jenny Lightfoot who nurtured her plants to produce a seed head of 28cm in diameter.

A truly great effort by not only them but all of the entrants.

Pictured below are Jamie Ratcliffe of Botany Bay handing out prizes to our two winners.


Plans are already in place for another sunflower competition for next year. So if you still have seed left over from this year don’t throw it away, but we will have some new stock next year as well. If you want to register for next year’s competition just email


Astwood Bank in Bloom – FREE Sunflower competition


This free to enter competition has been jointly organised between the Astwood Bank in Bloom group and Botany Bay Nurseries & Garden Centre. There are a number of FREE packets of Sunflower seeds to give away for you to enter the competition. All residents of Astwood Bank, young or old, are eligible to enter, and prizes will be given for the tallest sunflower and the widest seed head.
We want to make Astwood Bank a blaze of yellow sunflowers and therefore wherever possible we want people to grow them in their front gardens so that we can all admire your efforts. Judging will take place the weekend of 9th-10th September, so all you have to do is go down to Botany Bay Nurseries & Garden Centre and register your details, but do it soon as we are sure these FREE seeds will fly off the shelf.