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We’ve Helped the Helpers

This list is just some of the wonderful charities’ we have supported over the years and we are proud to help our local groups and charities because they help the local community. We support many of the smaller groups because we understand they have a much harder time getting larger funding from other avenues, but the work they do in the local community is invaluable to the village and benefits people from all age groups as well as animal sanctuaries too. We know that what you put in to the community you get back, much bigger, much better, in friendship, in camaraderie and above all in community spirit.  That is what makes Astwood Bank such a wonderful place to live and work. There are not many places you can walk down the road and have a complete stranger say ‘good morning’ with a smile… 😀

but don’t just take our word for it… come and see for yourself.

Redditch Special Olympics

Redditch Citizen’s Advice Bureau

Astwood Bank Cricket Club

Association for the Blind

SS Matthias & George Church

Astwood Bank Welfare Association

Hopper Haven & Littlefoot Sanctuary

Redditch Air Cadets

Cookhill Village Hall

County Air Ambulance

Astwood Bank News

“We have reduced our production costs where possible, but our budget is very tight. Over the last few years the payment from the Astwood Bank Welfare Association has not covered the cost of free copies for senior citizens so we have used the carnival donation to help cover this shortfall and to help with the magazine’s production costs, while keeping the cost of subscriptions at a reasonable level. In short the carnival donation has helped to keep us afloat so that we can continue to serve the various groups in the community. Thank you very much.”

Jestaminute Community Theatre c.i.c

“Last Autumn Jestaminute Community Theatre c.i.c   received funds from the Carnival Committee towards setting up a youth drama group in the village. This money, together with a grant from Redditch Borough Council via Redditch Arts Council, has enabled us to print flyers and posters to advertise the group and to ensure our fixed costs (staffing and venue hire) could be covered whilst we build the group to sufficient numbers to make it sustainable. We launched in the New Year and have a core group of 7- 12 years old attending on a weekly basis. We would hope to extend this in the future to more groups across a wider age range.”

Astwood Bank Toddler Group

“On behalf of all the attendees of the Astwood Bank Toddler Group we would like to thank the Carnival Committee, once again, for the generous donation it received in 2011.

We provided support at all of Carnival events last year. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and some are still talking about their participation in the procession last year, and they are looking forward to this year’s event.

We have used the money to buy a variety of new toys including a toddler trampoline to replace the one the children had worn out; table top chalk boards; a chalk board easel; pop up play tents and play tunnels. These new pieces of play equipment enable us to keep the children interested and enhance their enjoyment.”

Astwood Bank First School

“The Carnival Committee gave the children of Astwood Bank First School funds to help support the development of our Forest School / Environmental Area. This area has been developed to enhance what we hope is already an exciting environment for the children. This enables us to extend classroom opportunities and the development of key skills to the outdoors. We have recently developed the following features with the help of the Carnival Committee.
1. The addition of a bouldering wall.
2. New planting and willow weaving has been done.
3. Resources for orienteering have been purchased.
All children will benefit from these developments throughout our school and we are very grateful for the support of our local village and the Carnival Committee.”

Astwood Bank Operatic Society 

Last year Astwood Bank Operatic Society were fortunate enough to receive funding from the Carnival- this was an absolute life-line to us as it enabled us to put on a show that would otherwise been out of our financial reach. We had to pay performing rights for the ‘Broadway Version’ of the Pirates Of Penzance which cost in excess of £1000, so having a substantial contribution to this beforehand was essential to our cash flow. Those of you who saw it I am sure will agree it was worth the money!

Redditch Young Fire Fighters Association

Last year Astwood Bank Carnival Committee gave a donation to the Redditch Young Fire Fighters Association .This money allowed Redditch children attend summer annual camp in the Forest of Dean Herefordshire.

The children were able to partake in many events such as water sports, climbing, kayaking, caving, mountain biking, and of course lots of walking and map reading. These activities are designed to focus their minds and make them work as a team to build on character and determination and provide a structure to their lives. What the Instructors see is a difference to the children by the end of the week.

Astwood Bank Scouts & Guides

Astwood Bank Scouts and Guides are delighted to have benefitted from the support of Astwood Bank Carnival for many years. In 2011 we received a donation of £350 that we put towards the cost of a new front door. This has helped to improve the security and presentation of our building, which is used by around 200 young people (aged 5-18 years) each week for Scouting and Guiding activities. Our young people benefit hugely from working together to prepare carnival floats and exhibits for the garden walkabout. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to experience the sense of community that participating in carnival events brings.

To see some great pictures of the 2013 recipients receiving their funds at the ‘charity cheque giveaway’ click here.

(If we have helped your group or charity and have missed you off the list we apologise, please let us know and we will add you as soon as we can).