Our Charities 2012

Wonderful ‘Thank you’ Letters 2012

Just click on the links below to see these wonderful letters and we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did. Thank you to all those who took the time to send these encouraging letters. It shows us just how worth while all that we do really is.

YPlay out of School Care

Redditch Association for the Blind

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

Charity Cheque Giveaway 2012…

Despite challenging times during 2012 the Astwood Bank Carnival Committee are delighted to announce that the following charities have received funding. The monies given reflect the support and commitment given from the charities and details what they did for carnival, how they intend the spend the money and how much they received.

ABC Cheque presentation

Do not hesitate to contact the committee for further information or clarification and don’t forget your charity could benifit if you get involved in 2013.

Chair, Astwood Bank Carnival Comittee –chair@astwoodbankcarnival.co.uk

REDDITCH BLIND ASSOCIATION Carols/Quiz/Raffle Tix/TT/Prog/Stalls Xmas Party/one-off grants/Talking Newspaper £400
YMCA Everything to do with Carnival Yplay pre and after school care £700
ST PAULS COOKHILL Quiz/Carols/Raffle/TT/Progs/Stall Lighting and heating for vestry for junior Church use £150
1ST MATCHBOROUGH SCOUTS Procession/Stalls Mess tent to replace mangled one £350
REDDITCH YOUNG FIREFIGHTERS Procession + field car parking Support Summer Camp £200
ASTWOOD BANK SCOUTS & GUIDES Procession/Reduced cost marque/RRR/ Replace existing chairs with enew easy stack chairs £400
INDIGO ARTS Sound equipment/prog New equipment for performances and workshops £400
ASTWOOD BANK TODDER GROUP Help with Everything Door locks for church hall £250
ASTWOOD BANK 1ST SCHOOL Quiz/Floats/Use of hall New Ipad for use in school IT department £750
ASTWOOD BANK MIDDLE SCHOOL RRR/Car Parking/Floats Two new heavy duty benches (+money for shields?) £750
AIR AMBULANCE Procession Keep the plane flying £350
REDDITCH FIRST RESPONDERS RRR/Carnival Day Keep the service going (will put sponsored logo on car) £350
SUNSHINE CLUB mince Pies/TT/Raffle tix/Prog Christmas party for the old folk £250
ASTWOOD BANK OPERATICS Help with Everything Towards new kit and props for next show £400
MACMILLAN Carols/Quiz/Raffle tix/TT/Prog Supporting local team £300