Summer Displays

Astwood Bank in Bloom – summer displays

By now hopefully you will all be aware that as a result of the votes of Astwood Bank residents the colour scheme for summer 2017 will be Pink, Purple & White. We have placed an order with Botany Bay Nurseries & Garden Centre, and so with the aid of their green fingers the plants are growing nicely in the greenhouses in Edgioake Lane. We will be planting up the large planters in the first week of June, and for those that were wondering, the wooden troughs will be coming out of winter storage at the same time. In anticipation we want to thank everyone for helping with the planting, the ongoing maintenance, and the watering of the summer displays. If you would like to help us by looking after any of the displays, even if it is just watering one of the wooden troughs please do get in touch

Similarly, if you and a group of neighbours would be keen to create a new flower display near you do get in touch and we’d love to discuss how we may be able to help you. If you want inspiration take a look at the bed that was created by the neighbours on Evesham Road near Ridgeway Academy.

When you are planning your hanging baskets and other containers for this summer please do bear in mind the colour scheme of Pink, Purple & White. You can order your baskets from Botany Bay or choose from their displays matching up with the scheme.


I’m sure it won’t have gone unnoticed the spring displays in the large planters have been beautiful this year and have brought a real splash of colour on some drab spring days. It’s thanks to the money raised at the Carnival events throughout the year that we can afford to put these displays on throughout the year, so please do support the events whenever you can.

Finally with the help of Redditch Borough Council and the Astwood Bank Scouts and Guides group we were able to plant some 2,000 daffodils around the village last autumn and they have certainly announced their presence this spring, so thank you to everyone who helped with the planting – see you again in the autumn for even more bulb planting.